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Mahana Cashmere

Unique, luxurious blend of natural fibres invented by Kapeka


We combine the luxury of cashmere with the beauty and functionality of superfine merino wool and possum down. This perfect combination creates ultra-soft, ultra-light garments that wear well. The down fibres from possum fur are extremely light, fine and insulating, providing warmth without weight.


Cashmere Fibre

Internationally known for its luxurious finish. US standards set an average fibre diameter for cashmere of no more than 19 microns. It has natural crimp, allowing it to be spun into fine, lightweight fabrics.

Small air spaces between the fibres allows garments to be warm without weight, while thin cuticle cells on the fibre surface make it smooth and shiny.


Superfine NZ Merino Wool

Only 2% of the Merino sheep in NZ produce 17 micron wool. NZ has some of the best Merino in the world as the sheep live in the high country, with harsh conditions.

Wool fibres trap air to reduce heat loss yet each fibre can breathe to prevent overheating.


NZ Possum Down Fibre

The finest possum fibre ever used by kapeka, where only the down is collected - and guard hairs are removed.

This makes Kapeka Mahana Cashmere garments softer than 100% cashmere.


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