Kapeka Care Guide

You have two options when caring for you woollen Kapeka garments - you may either hand wash or machine wash it. For both options using wool wash is important.
We like to think of it like caring for your own hair - they both are natural fibres which don't like harsh chemicals found in regular detergents. 
Please take care when machine washing that the water isn't too hot, it should be approximately bath temperature.



Normal detergents are too harsh for the garment.


    Hand wash with warm water and wool detergent for no longer than 10 minutes. This is our recommended way to wash your garments as it is the safest way .

      3. OR

      If using a machine it must be set on a gentle cycle, buttons and zips need to be done up and garment turned inside out to avoid catching on the machine. Garments may be put in a fabric bag for extra protection.

        4. WARM RINSE

        When rinsing by hand ensure that you do not leave soaking.

          5. NORMAL SPIN DRY

          You may use the spin cycle on the washing machine after you have hand washed the garment to spin out excess water.

            6. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY

            Best to avoid the dryer as if left in too long or too hot it may damage the garment.


              7. DO NOT BLEACH

              This will damage fibre.

                8. DO NOT EXCESSIVELY RUB

                This could cause the garment pill, especially when wet.

                  9. DRY IN SHADE

                  Very hot sun when garment is drying is not good for your garment.

                    10. LAY FLAT TO SHAPE

                    If garment has gone out of shape , you can place it back into shape while damp.

                      11. WARM IRON

                      Ironing is not required but a warm steam iron can be used.

                        12. DRYCLEANABLE

                        Please note, Lifestyle Merino Clothing have been designed to only need machine washing and no hand washing is necessary at all.