The World's Most Exclusive, Luxurious Fibre


Cervelt™ is an extremely rare natural down fibre from the New Zealand Red Deer. Its amazing thermal and moisture wicking properties were unknown until the New Zealand company, Douglas Creek Ltd, spent eight years developing and perfecting the process of turning this fine winter coat into a luxury textile fibre. Only 20 grams of pure Cervelt™ can be collected from a single deer and with current world production being maintained at a limited amount each year, it justifies its description as the "Diamond of luxury fibres”.


Cervelt fibre
Cervelt fibre


The Cervelt Fibre

Cervelt™ is a 13 micron fibre which is finer than the finest cashmere. The diameter is consistent throughout its length, with a very low coefficient of variation meaning that all Cervelt™ fibre is consistently superfine. The fibre is not straight, but has a wavy curl producing a yarn which is strong and resilient. The fibre retains its warmth even when the fabric or knitwear is very fine. These incredible natural properties have defined Cervelt™ as the most sought after new natural fibre in the world and a personal favourite of leading luxury brands.


Cervelt fibre
Cervelt yarn


The Exceptional Fabric

Cervelt™ produces fabric of the most exquisite quality. The yarn doesn’t have a crimp but instead a springy curl, consequently the fibres almost never stay straight, instead they twist and coil back on each other affecting almost every textile characteristic. The fibre is light and naturally elastic resulting in products that are resistant to creases and provide many years of regular use. 

Fabrics produced from Cervelt™ are lighter and softer than cashmere and have a very clean appearance. The fabric has the natural ability to quickly absorb and release moisture from the wearer’s body, producing a high level of comfort in both hot and cold weather.


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