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Kapeka creates sustainable, 100% Merino wool clothing, to celebrate and respect this magnificent fibre. Our products are designed and manufactured in right here in New Zealand, using the highest quality, Extra Fine New Zealand Merino wool.



The history of Merino sheep in New Zealand

Merino sheep is thought to be the oldest sheep breed in the world, having evolved from several wild species. Between the 1840s to 1860s, Merino sheep were introduced to New Zealand from Australia. Kiwi breeders improved the quality of the Merino sheep by importing small quantities of stock from the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. By 1880s, the New Zealand Merino was a unique type, producing wool far superior to any other. Kapeka uses New Zealand Merino wool because it is the very best in the world.


What is Merino wool?

Merino wool comes off the Merino sheep, and is a particularly fine, incredibly soft, and extremely lightweight fibre. It has high performance aspects compared to normal wool, making it the ultimate choice for clothing, accessories, and homewares.


What makes Merino wool so special?

Merino wool is very clever and multi-talented. Fine Merino wool fibres trap air to create insulation, yet each fibre can also breathe, and absorb and release moisture to prevent overheating. These properties all help a wearer to keep warm in winter, and cool in summer, as well as give them a garment that resists odour and soiling. Just remember, merino sheep wear their fleece all year round so it has to be tough! Merino wool fibres have tiny scales that lock together, making it extra strong and resilient. Honestly, you can't get an all natural fibre that is as intelligent and practical as Merino wool.


Features and benefits

  • keeps you cool when hot, and warm when cold
  • resists odour build up and soiling
  • can retain as much as 30% of own weight in water without feeling damp, and will still keep you warm when wet
  • naturally flame resistant
  • renewable, recyclable and biodegrable
  • easy to care for, anti-wrinkle and garments do not have static cling


At Kapeka we love New Zealand Merino wool. We make every Kapeka Merino garment to the highest quality, aiming to create a beautiful and fashionable garment, so you can love it too. 


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