Merinosilk - Our Signature Collection

Kapeka Merinosilk knitwear is made in New Zealand from a special 100% natural blend. Our superior blend with a golden ratio of natural fibres aims to provide luxurious handle, ultimate warmth and a garment that lasts.

Kapeka Merinosilk is comprised of:
  • 70% NZ Super-Fine (17 micron) Merino wool
Only 2% of the merino sheep in NZ produce 17 micron wool. Wool fibres trap air to reduce heat loss yet each fibre can breathe to prevent overheating.
  • 20% NZ Possum fur
The unique hollow core of the fibres traps warmth without being heavy - like bamboo. The only other animal similar to this is the polar bear, arctic fox and alpaca.
  • 10% Mulberry silk
Soft against the skin, resists against tension, hypoallergenic qualities - stronger than steel and can stretch to double its length.
Compared to other materials, Merinosilk is: 
  • 55% warmer than 100% merino
  • 35% warmer than 100% cashmere
How are Merinosilk garments made?
Merinosilk garments are knitted using whole garment technology. This means Kapeka garments are knitted in a single process on one machine. Bulky, thick seams are minimised allowing a better fit and maximum comfort. By using whole garment technology, no fabric is cut which avoids wear and tear, prolonging the life of a garment. They are pre-shrunk, minimising the risk of shrinkage. Our Merinosilk garments are mostly seamless, very durable, and super easy to machine wash.