Merino Wool A Travel Essential

Merino wool: A Travel Essential

Whenever anyone says "travel essential", you think: passport, phone, money, camera... But what about your clothes?

Yes, you might need your swimsuit if you're going somewhere tropical, or your thick jacket if you're going somewhere cold. But most of the time, the weather is unpredictable and moving from place to place, airport to airport means you are always between different climates and environments.

We think Merino wool is a travel essential because of its amazing ability to regulate temperature, dry quickly and frankly, not get smelly! Travelling in Merino garments will keep you comfortable on your flight, but also prepared for any unexpected weather. In the heat, your Merino garments will regulate your temperature and wick away sweat. In the cold, it will trap air and keep you warm.

Merino also survives the suitcase! Wrinkles will fall out when you wear it, and garments will roll up and fit in tight spaces.

Washing isn't a problem. Due to the wool's natural ability to resist odour, you can air your garment out at the end of the day and it will be ready to wear the next day. you can easily wash it in the hotel sink, and hang it over a balcony or chair to dry.

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