Cashmere Tassel Scarf

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A classic cashmere tassel scarf in our exclusive Mahana blend. Crafted out of cashmere, merino and possum down this scarf is luxurious and made to last. Classic design made for everyone - unisex.

Our Mahana Cashmere blend is revolutionising the way we know knitwear - we combine the luxury of cashmere with the beauty and functionality of super-fine merino wool and possum down. This perfect combination creates ultra-soft, ultra-light garments that are more resistant to piling and knitwear that wears well and are machine-washable.  The down fibres from possum fur are extremely light, fine and insulating, providing warmth without weight.

Mahana Cashmere Blend: 40% Cashmere, 40% Superfine Merino wool, 20% Possum down

Made in New Zealand

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