Nature's Edge - The Alpaca Wool Range

Nature's Edge - The Alpaca Wool Range

Strong, but soft. Bold and beautiful. Inspired by the spirit of the species, our alpaca wool range showcases the strength and beauty of alpaca fibres. Feel the gentle touch of luxury on your shoulders, and the warmth without the weight.

We've fallen in love with alpaca fibre and are so proud of this new collection. We thought we would share why alpaca is so special below.

Key Benefits and Differences of alpaca wool to other fibres

  • Feels, looks and is luxurious. Alpaca wool is historically known as the 'fibre of the gods'.
  • Five times warmer than sheep's wool.
  • Strong and durable, so your garments will last a lifetime. They resist pilling so stay in good condition even after years of wear.
  • Hypoallergenic, with no lanolin or oils. Alpaca can be worn by those allergic to wool.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly, alpacas are very gentle on the earth. As they have softly padded feet and are very resilient to outdoor conditions, they do not damage the ground they walk on, and consume and use very little resources in their lifespan compared to sheep or goats.
  • Naturally water repellent, water will run off the garment after a light rain or splash of water. Alpaca wool is also very difficult to ignite, so the risk of it catching fire is low.

Origin of Alpaca Fibre

Our alpaca yarn comes from New Zealand and Peru. Kapeka has two alpaca collections available, one available in famous Peruvian fibre and the other in rare and unique New Zealand alpaca. We work with the yarn supplier to ensure that our yarn is from a credible, reliable and safe source.

Where is the alpaca wool range made?

As always, our garments are proudly made in New Zealand. We're dedicated to keep it that way.

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