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Best of New Zealand - Top 3 Experiences: Annie Evans

In this weekly blog series we chat with our friends across New Zealand to find out what they rate is their top 3 New Zealand experiences and attractions. Our friends span from the top to the bottom of the Long White Cloud giving us the low-down on what is the best of New Zealand and what is special to them.
I love seeing the differences between each person, it shows how wonderfully diverse New Zealand is despite our small size.

Since our previous post with Eliza Grigg, New Zealand has moved to Level 2 status. As of yesterday, The NZ Herald reported New Zealand has had its 10th day in a raw with zero new cases of COVID-19. Yesterday, they reported that New Zealand could reach Level 1 status by the 10th of June if we continue to have no new cases. This would allow New Zealand a lot more freedom to move around as businesses social-distancing and people-limits loosen. Level 2 has granted notable freedom - the Queen's Birthday long weekend opened up for domestic tourism as people were able to explore their backyard with the most freedom since lockdown. 

We will continue to offer ideas and inspiration for when you are next planning your New Zealand trip, whether it iss domestic or a future international holiday away. 

This week we chat with Annie Evans on what she believes is her top things to see and do in New Zealand.

Annie is a 22-year-old Finance and Economics student at The University of Auckland. She is currently finishing up her studies and applying for further education abroad. Another hat Annie wears is the founder of Skills To Thrive, a hardship fund for tertiary students who struggle with mental health. Mental health problems and suicide rates for Aotearoa youth are among the worst in the world, the Skills To Thrive fund aims to alleviate some financial burden of day to day living costs during university study – which is often a large source of stress for young people. She started this initiative through her role as a former Miss New Zealand.

When travelling, Annie loves to try and ‘walk the path less travelled’. So, she wants to give her top three underrated spots that you may not have heard of! 

  1. Mount Isthmus, Lake Wanaka is less populated than the famous Roys Peak and with better views (you can see both the famous lakes!), recommended by a local. This is a hard hike, maybe 6-7 hours return, constant incline and little shade.  Not recommended during Winter  due to snow and icy conditions. (Note - Closed from 20th November - 20th December for fawning).
    Mount Isthmus Lake Wanaka NZ top hiking track in NZ
  2. Omanawa Falls, Tauranga is easily the most beautiful waterfall in New Zealand. Though the climb (not hike, not walk, CLIMB!) down is dangerous and you run the risk of getting injured. It is also technically closed, proceed with caution!
    Omanawa Falls, Tauranga NZ best waterfall in NZ must do experience
  1. Rabbit Island, Nelson. Whilst the Abel Tasman steals the show in Nelson be sure to pay the serene Rabbit Island a visit. A quiet, relaxing beach coastline and the island is great for biking. 
    Rabbit Island, Nelson, NZ - Must-do experience in New Zealand - top Travel tips

We want to give a big thanks to Annie for joining in on our search for New Zealand's best things to see and do - she certainly provided us with some lesser-known local intel. Annie is a hard-working go-getter with a selfless mind - to see more of what she is up to follow her on social media here - she always provides a laugh while using her platform to voice issues close to her heart.

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The Kapeka Team!