Cervelt - The world's most exclusive luxury fibre

Cervelt - The World's Most Exclusive Luxury Fibre

The world's most exclusive luxury fibre. Cervelt is the rarest, strongest, most luxurious fabric in the world. It is highly regarded and ranked number one above other luxury fibres such as vicuna and cashmere. It is the best in the world.

What is Cervelt?

Cervelt was specially developed in New Zealand and took almost a decade to perfect. It is a very fine, natural down fibre from New Zealand red deer. The down fibres are difficult to spot amongst the deer hairs, and the separation process is very detailed and delicate. Because of this intricate process, it is also nicknamed the 'Diamond of Luxury Fibres'. Cervelt is lightweight, warm and beautifully soft to touch. It cannot compare to any other fibre as it is in a league of its own.

Our Avoca Cervelt Range 

Our Cervelt garments are all made in New Zealand with utmost care and attention to detail. They are knitted on the best machines and perfectly handfinished. They are made in small, special batches and so far only 400 Avoca Cervelt garments have been made. Each garment comes specially packaged for protection, with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Once you touch and wear a Cervelt garment, you will never feel the same again.

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